Harlem Mothers Save

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Harlem Mothers SAVE (Stop Another Violent End) was formed in 2006, by Jackie Rowe-Adams with the support of New York State Assemblyman, Keith L.T. Wright. They organized in an ultimate goal of preventing another mother from experiencing the agony of losing a child to gun violence.

Since that time they have worked tirelessly to embrace community residents and engage local law enforcement agencies, community based organizations, elected officials and the faith-based community to work hand in hand to rid our neighborhoods of gun violence.

Adams utilize the power of the media to bring attention to this issue and to take action to find solutions to the proliferation of illegal guns on the streets of New York City.  They appear on local radio and television shows challenging youth to put down their guns, parents to take back control of their children and community leaders to ensure that there are quality social service programs to address the needs of young people.

The mothers of Harlem Mothers S.A.V.E. provide peer-to-peer support to mothers and family members who have lost their loved ones to gun violence.  Since the inception of this organization they have touched the lives of thousands of New Yorkers in an effort to get illegal guns off the streets and Stop Another Violent End.

Lifetime supports and diligent workers Dorothy Payne who loss one son and Ella B. Thomas loss two-sons are on hand to assist daily.

Harlem Mothers SAVE (Stop Another Violent End) seeks to prolong the lives of Harlem's youth by preventing gun violence and its social causes and costs.



    The Mission of Harlem Mothers S.A.V.E. is to prolong life among New York City’s youth by preventing gun violence and its social causes and costs. This single issue not-for-profit organization divides its efforts into three areas:  Activism, Education and Victim Services.

Pathways to a Safer Community and Personal Healing through:


Organize Rallies


Youth Summits

Host Press Conferences

Town Hall Meetings

Speak Outs


Save a Life Project

A Safe Summer Starts with Me Initiative

Healing in the Midst of Inner City Gun Violence

Workshop, Seminars Presentations

Victim Services:

Peer-to-Peer Support

Funeral Expenses and Bereavement Services Referral

Counseling and Healing Group Referral

Harlem Mothers S.A.V.E. (Stop Another Violent End)